I find the reason most people struggle with getting good rankings in Google is that they don’t have a reliable, proven method of writing SEO-friendly content. That’s why I complied this simple list of 28 SEO copywriting tips. Although simple, this list helped me and hundreds of my students get unbelievable rankings in Google.

Keyword-related SEO Copywriting Tips

  1. Select your Keyword Before Writing The Text
  2. Target Keywords With The Right Difficulty In Relation To Your Website
  3. Only One Article For Different Variations Of The Same Keyword
  4. Don’t Target Off-topic Keywords

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Content-related SEO Copywriting Tips

  1. Always Write An Outline
  2. Don’t Write For Google Or Any Search Engine But For The Readers
  3. Write A Catchy Title
  4. Use An Enticing Meta Description
  5. Use Short URL’s
  6. Apply The Inverted Pyramid Concept
  7. Use Short Paragraphs
  8. Use Short Sentences
  9. Use Subheadings
  10. Use Ordered And/Or Unordered Lists
  11. Always Give More Than What’s “Expected” By The Readers
  12. Use Your Keyword Throughout The Text Wisely
  13. Use Words From Other Keyword Variations
  14. Copy Length According To The Readers Expectation
  15. Use Outbound Links
  16. Use Internal Links
  17. Use Pictures With Right SEO Settings
  18. Check Spelling Before Publishing

Other SEO Copywriting Tips

  1. Publish Regularly
  2. Publish Your Article On As Many Social Media Channels As You Possibly Can
  3. Send Out Your Article To Your Newsletter Subscribers
  4. Never Tweak A Previously Published Article (if it was published without a target keyword)
  5. Stick To Your Topic Throughout The Text
  6. Don’t Try To Make Money Directly From Your Text (in most cases)

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