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Do You Know What’s Holding You Back From Real Results In Google?

What’s Holding People Back From Real Results In Google?

I find what’s holding most people back from real results in Google is that they don’t have a reliable, proven method of writing SEO-friendly content. People trying to get good rankings online usually are so perplexed with all the controversial information they hear about SEO, that sometimes they even think the best thing to do is not doing anything at all.

How To Get Good Rankings In Google?

Consistent rankings that drive a steady flow of traffic to your website. And what’s even better, passive traffic. That is, you only work once, and people keep visiting your site even if you’re not paying for ads, or as a matter of fact, even if you’re not doing anything later at all.

Which Of These Statements Hold True For You?

  • … is it a problem for you to get steady and consistent results in Google?
  • … are you tired of all the empty promises online marketing gurus are giving you?
  • everyone else is getting good results online (especially in Google) but you?
  • … you don’t even know what SEO Copywriting or SEO writing really is and how it could help you get better overall results?
  • … are you afraid of Google penalties because no one really knows what search engines really want?
  • … do you feel perplexed with all the controversial information you hear in the topic of SEO?

If any of these holds true for you, you’ve come to the right place. There is a solution to your problem!

There Is A Solution To Your SEO Problems

I have good news! There is a method that is easy to learn, and it can provide an ever-growing traffic to your website. No matter what niche you’re operating in, and no matter if you have SEO experience or don’t have at all.

The real secret of getting consistent results in Google today is that there is no secret anymore. Google has become so elaborate in finding out what visitors really want, and also understanding all the cheap tricks, that all efforts you do in order to trick the system will give you no results anymore, and possibly ending up in a penalty that you definitely want to avoid.

So instead of trying to cheat the big giant, you have the option to go with its tide, and enjoy all the benefits that consistent, every-growing traffic from the largest search engine can provide you.

How Can I Help You?Szilagyi Balazs Profile

My name is Balazs, I’m the founder of Business Growth Online Academy.

I’ve been teaching SEO ranking techniques since 2013. Over 2000 people already enrolled in my SEO and online marketing courses, and they are getting consistently better results and more traffic to their website every day.

My goal is to help you get top results as an entrepreneur, blogger, copywriter or consultant. That is, more clients, more income and help grow your business.

That’s why I’m focusing on giving you practical data and tips that you can employ right away, even if you have zero experience.

Check out my SEO Copywriting online video course, an extremely functional teaching program for you to get better rankings in search engines and more visitors.

Here Is How I’ll Help You

I collected every information, and developed an easy to learn SEO copywriting technique to help online entrepreneurs, bloggers, copywriters and consultants get steady results in Google.

I compiled a practical online video course, where you get what you really need in order to prosper. Practical, easy-to follow and easy to implement steps to find and target your niche’s best keywords with a text that both Google and your visitors – i.e. your target market – will love.

The best of all, you don’t need any previous experience in the field of SEO or online marketing in order this system to work for you.

Furthermore, you can learn this technique from the comfort of your home, in a form of an easy-to-follow, practical online video course.

What’s In The Ultimate SEO Copywriting Course?

The Ultimate SEO Copywriting Course is an online learning system – more on that later. It consists of 28 videos, more than 4 hours total, including a detailed case study and actionable tips on SEO copywriting even if you are a complete beginner.​

  • How to find keywords for your text
    This sounds like an easy task, but it really isn’t. …or at least if you want real and consistent results in SEO. I not only show you the exact technique of finding hundreds of keywords for your specific situation, but really give you a deeper insight into how to select your next keywords, and why use this exact technique in order to always successfully target keywords in the future.
  • The real reason behind SEO success (and behind SEO fails)
    Maybe you’ve heard about people trying to get along online, but having no real results in Google. Maybe you’re in this exact same situation. Sometimes it feels like you spend hundreds of hours in crafting the best content, or you pay a ton of money for the best copywriters, but somehow Google just seems to ignore your content. Now you’ll understand the reason behind this, and you’ll finally learn the exact technique to prosper in Google no matter what your niche is, or how new your website is.
  • The only 2 free keyword tools you’ll need
    Yes, you’ve heard it right. I won’t pitch you on pricey keyword tool subscriptions. Instead I’ll show you the only 2 completely free keyword tools that you’ll need in order to find your best keywords. And of course I’ll teach you how to use them.
  • Keyword difficulty
    In order to be effective in SEO, you need to understand keyword difficulty. What keywords should you target first? What’s the most lucrative keyword for your website at any given time? You’ll learn all this in this course, and again, no additional software or subscription will be needed.
  • The Google catch 22, and how to target keywords with a new website
    There is a phenomenon that I call Google catch 22. In short, Google favors already established and successful websites. So in order to rank in Google, you already have to have good rankings in Google. Sounds impossible, right? It kind of is, if you don’t know the tools of the trade. But in this course I teach you how to outwit this catch 22 by simply selecting and targeting the right keywords for your website, no matter how new it is.
  • The right sequence of SEO copywriting – 5 steps you need to master
    This doesn’t sound that interesting, but believe me, this is the key factor in learning SEO copywriting. There are a lot of bloggers and writers out there struggling with getting results in Google simply because they don’t follow this simple, 5 step sequence.
  • The 3 most important technical elements
    There are 3 extremely important SEO technical elements that you most know if you want proper results. Even if you consider yourself a writer, and focus primarily on the content, these 3 elements must be set up every time you publish an article.
  • The inverted pyramid technique
    The inverted pyramid is a popular technique used by journalists over the globe to raise attention towards their content, and also to keep people reading their articles as long as possible. Now it is crucial to show Google that people love your content, and this is one way to do it. You’ll understand why this technique works like a charm, and learn how to use it in your content.
  • How to please Google?
    The short answer is: not by focusing on the technical settings – as opposed to many people’s belief. You’ll find the long answer and the actual solution inside this SEO copywriting training.
  • All SEO tweaks you need in your text
    We go over all the SEO tweaks you need in order to get actual results in Google. And there are actually 25 of them! And just a really short note here: it seems like SEO settings take up only one line here in this text, but believe me, you’ll learn everything you need to know about SEO-ing your content.
  • The 8 most typical SEO copywriting mistakes
    To completely understand the whole method of successful SEO copywriting, you need to know the most widespread mistakes that actually stop people from ranking in Google, so you can easily avoid them in the future.
  • How can you make money with SEO copywriting
    Interesting topic, isn’t it? I help you to actually monetize your fresh knowledge of easily ranking articles in search engines.
  • A mind-blowing case study
    In this online training I’ve even included a case study — an article that I’m writing with you from selecting the keyword to the publishing phase. And even to my greatest surprise, this very article debuted on page 2, and just 3 days after publishing it’s hitting position #11!

Read What People Say About My Courses

I took this course and did what you taught us. I wrote several articles keeping everything that we learnt in mind and applied the rules. Now it was time to check the results. I was happy to see that the articles written for the chosen keywords were performing pretty well. I was ranked in the first three places with the search engine right away. Ok, these were not the most searched for keywords, which means they did not bring in many more visitors. But it was good for testing the theory and see how it works in real life. Well, it does work just fine. Thanks Balázs!
S. Z.

I found the whole course useful. I can not pick one single bit of information to say it was the most helpful. The course has changed the overall way I look at things. And I think this is what matters the most.
P. A.

I heard many pieces of new and useful information in this course. Some of them I have never heard before anywhere else or they had been presented in a completely different way.
Thomas Balog

IT Capital

Before I decided to take your course, Google ranked me for about 20 keywords. And even if it was so, many of these keywords were not exactly the ones that I would have liked to be listed for.
1 month after the course I am ranking for 67 keywords in Google. For 22 of these keywords I am on the first page of Google. All these keywords were picked strategically and are exactly the keywords that I wanted. And I am sure if I follow the system taught in this course, and build my website based on that, I will keep getting better and better results. No question of that. I am very satisfied with the course. It gave me a full overview of SEO, which used to seem to me like a complete mess. I feel now I know what I am doing when it comes to SEO. Now after taking the course it takes very little time to write an article that is on the first page of Google search within a brief period of time. Everything I have learnt from you, works like a dream.
Boroka Csabi

Pricing – SEO Copywriting Online Course

To tell you the truth, it is extremely difficult to price something as useful as a complete SEO copywriting training.

Looking it from the benefits it can give you as a writer, blogger, copywriter, entrepreneur or publisher, it might be easily worth thousands of dollars. Just simply imagine how much it could bring you in if you possessed the knowledge of writing about anything with the ease of ranking it in Google.

But I have very good news to you. I didn’t set the price of this knowledge at thousands of Dollars. In fact I’m not even charging $1000 for it, or not even $500.

My definite goal is to make this knowledge available to anyone who has real intention of self-improvement as an entrepreneur, a writer or blogger, so I did set a price that is affordable to you. You can get the whole SEO copywriting course with unlimited access at only $57.

Special Unlimited Access Price: $57


Yes. My goal is to help you get ahead as an online entrepreneur, blogger, consultant or copywriter with my courses.

If you take this course, and you really use what I teach you, I'm sure you will be more successful online.

But, if you feel that despite doing everything that you were told to, applying everything what you've learnt, this course was not for you, you're covered with our 30 days, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just send us an email within 30 days of your purchase, and you will get full refund, no questions asked.


What’s Included?

This is an all in one, complete online video course on SEO Copywriting. You won’t need any other materials or subscriptions to understand and apply the technique of SEO Copywriting. By enrolling in the course, you get access to all of the following materials:

  • Complete and instant access to all online course materials. You can pay by PayPal or with your credit card, and once your payment has been cleared, you’ll get an instant access to our learning system.
  • Total 28 videos, 4+ hours material.
  • Unlimited, unrestricted access! Unlike many other online learning platforms, we don’t limit your access at all. Once you’re in, you’re in. You can watch the videos and study the course as many times as you want, we won’t restrict or take back your access.
  • You can ask questions below every video, and I’ll personally answer them.
  • 30 days no questions asked, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

How Can You Get Access To This Knowledge?

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How much time does it take to complete this course?

The course contains approximately 4 hours total of videos. In order to get real results, you might want to practice while doing the course, finding your own keywords and writing at least a couple of articles. Spending 1-2 hours every day on this course, in a few weeks time you will not only have been finished the course, but also have the confidence and experience of a stable SEO copywriting knowledge.

Do I need Any SEO Or Online Marketing Experience?

Absolutely not. All my courses are built from the ground up in order to everybody be able to apply the technique. My philosophy is that for anything to work, you need to have a strong foundation. And one of the reasons my courses are so popular and effective is that I pay a great deal of attention to build that strong foundation.

Can I apply this technique in any other language than English?

Yes. In fact I have several blogs and plenty of students using this technique with extreme success in Hungarian, German, French, Dutch, Slovenian, Slovak etc.

Te key point here is that once you understand what Google is really looking for, and you learn the method of SEO writing, you can successfully apply the very same technique no matter your language or your topic.