Welcome and thank you for purchasing The Ultimate SEO Copywriting course – by Balazs Szilagyi. Let me share with you a few tips that will make this course even more effective for you.

The Goal Of This Course

The goal of this course is to give you a practical knowledge on SEO copywriting, that you can instantly apply on your website. To teach you how to pick the best keyword for your next article, and how to write online text that is engaging for the visitors, and fully understood and appreciated by search engines.

How To Learn This Course

In order to fully understand every bit of information contained in this course, please make sure you follow the course outline, and study each and every video in order. Even if you feel that you already know that – maybe by reading the title -, please make sure to study it. Sometimes it is only a few words that make the difference between having some concept of a topic, or fully understanding it and being able to put it in practice.

Also make sure to actually try out everything you learn in this course. There are homeworks included after some materials, try to do those as thoroughly as possible. It is your website, you need to put your effort into your future results.

I try to make my learning materials as easy to understand for everyone as I can, but sometimes I still have to use the online marketing or SEO jargon. Please refer to my SEO Glossary, should you encounter any words or expressions you don’t understand.

If there is anything you don’t fully understand, or have no idea about how to apply it, please submit your questions below that particular video. I will personally answer these questions. Also, this is a restricted learning platform, so nobody other than course students will see your questions.

You can watch each video and study this course as many times as you want, as long as you want – we make no restrictions on your access. There is a safety limit however set on how many IP addresses (practically different computers) can you log in from each day. This limit suites most students’ needs, but if you want to log in from one more computer, just shoot me a line.